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    One - Reflections

    Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve updated this tumblr. A lot has happened since then, and I’m hoping I can start using this blog more seriously as a little archive of how things have been going. Since moving to Austin almost a year and a half ago, my life has changed quite a bit and I feel like I’m finally believing in what I’m doing and where I want to go. That being said…

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    New @301Chicon sign looking pretty awesome.

    New @301Chicon sign looking pretty awesome.

    (see in high-res)
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    The new Chicon! :D

    The new Chicon! :D

    (see in high-res)
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    First, go grab some headphones. The best ones you’ve got. If the best ones you’ve got are these suckers (or something similar), you should really go buy new ones, but use the best you’ve got for right now.

    Take a break from whatever you’re doing for 2 minutes and listen, but just listen to the whole thing, even if you have to multi-task.

    Headphones on? Okay. Good.

    Now, press play.

    “Upular (3D Audio Version)” - Pogo


    I want to follow the music…

    But it’s in my head… wow.

    awesome. And if you like what you hear, here’s more Pogo.

    (via yume-o-minai)

    // from hamburglr

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    For Bursting Brains’ Paddletronic Duel

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    That was good.

    It’s been a good week. Borderlands 2 came out at midnight on Monday, I met with an awesome client named Tom on Tuesday, and have some music that I started working on on Wednesday. (Wow okay that sentence was loaded with alliterations.)

    I’m especially excited about the project that I’ve been recruited by Tom to help with. He’s the CEO of newly founded Bursting Brains Studio (go startups!) and is focused on making games for android phones. He and his team have already published one game, called Paddletronic Duel, and they’re set on publishing another by the end of the semester. I’ll be helping with the music and sfx for both games, and it’s going to be awesome!

    BTW if you guys have an android powered phone, you should go and check out Paddletronic. It’s a reinvented pong game that has multiple paddles, spinning obstacles, and even ninja stars.

    Alas, still no finished music though. I did say I was most likely not going to be able to get out songs for the first few weeks. I’ve been working on my website, and learning some java as well, so it’s been busy. Plus, BL2 didn’t help. But there are half-finished songs lying around so hopefully I can clean up one and get it done by next weekend! Wish me luck.

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    Moved to Austin. Hooray! And so now I have time to work on music again, so I’m going to be reviving my goal of one song a week. I’m not going to lie, I probably won’t hit that quota the first few weeks, but I’ll be making an honest effort. Also, in addition to that goal, my first few will be attempts at remixes. I already have a small list of songs that I’d like to do, so stay tuned.

    I’m workin’ on some…

    Coming soon!